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Learn to serve alcohol in Texas.
Get your alcohol seller/server certificate online.
CLASSROOM ONLINE welcomes you to its online training 
course for U.S. Alcohol Seller/Server certification in association
with 360Training. CLASSROOM ONLINE's Alcohol Seller/Server
Certification Course will focus on issues involving responsible 
practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages.  The course is 
2 hours in length; taken at your own convenience.
Students will receive the appropriate Seller/Server Certification 
(printable online) upon completion of the course and passing the exam.

Learn2Serve - TABC Seller/Server Training     $10.99
This course is focused on the issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages. Your online TABC certification will take 2 hours to complete. You may take the course at your own pace. There is a final exam that you must score 70% on to pass. You will have 2 attempts to pass the final exam and if you don't, you'll have to purchase the course again, but most students have no problems passing the first time around.  We'll remind you about all these important fine print and details when you enroll and begin your course.
Click to enroll, complete the course and print your certificate right away. 

ClassroomOnline, in association with Learn2Serve, offers online alcohol seller/server training to servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking.
The primary purpose of alcoholic beverage server training is to mitigate liability during a lawsuit involving intoxication by providing evidence of intent on the part of the establishment that serves and sells alcoholic beverages - a "reasonable efforts defense." Secondarily, these courses are considered effective in reducing incidences of overserving patrons to the point of intoxication, and in preventing sales to minors.

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  • Trusted by over 500,000 certified industry professionals 
  • On-Demand Training, available 24X7 
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  • Quality instructional content validated by state Alcohol Beverage Control boards 
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  • Courses are totally Interactive using "Flash" featuring interactive characters and full audio- there is no waiting on slow, read-only pages
  • Student may log in from any computer with appropriate Internet capability.
  • Payment for CLASSROOM ONLINE'S Alcohol Seller Server course is available via VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal or online check. 
  • Student may print Certificate of Completion online at time of course completion.
  • Customer Support:  877.881.2235 


How do I find out if I am certified?
You can verify the certification status of any employee at the Employee Inquiry section of the appropriate state alcohol seller-server agency. 

Are there additional requirements to becoming certified? Can I be certified if I have had a DWI or other felony conviction? Can I become certified if I am under 18?
There are no additional requirements to become certified. There is no minimum age requirement to attend a seller training course, and there are no requirements regarding criminal history. However, your age or criminal history may prevent an employer from hiring you. 

Do bartenders and wait staff have to be certified sellers/servers in order to sell or serve alcoholic beverages?
At the present time it is not a requirement, but many employers do require certification for employment. 

How long is seller training certification valid?
The Seller Training certification is valid for two years from the date it is issued.  

If I have been through the seller training once, do I have to go again every two years? Or is there a test I can take to become recertified? Is there a different (shorter) course to take for recertification?
To maintain certification you must attend the full seller training course every two years. There is no way to "test out" of the class, and there is not a different, shorter recertification class. 

What is the cost of a seller training course?
The basic alcohol seller-server course is $10.99. Other courses are available but vary by state. See our price catalogue for specifics.

What are the consequences to seller/servers, if they serve or sell alcohol to an intoxicated person?
An offense under this section is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine which varies by state.

What are the consequences to seller/servers if  they serve or sell alcohol to a minor?
An offense under this section is a misdemeanor. 

What are the consequences to the minor if alcohol is served or sold to them?
The purchase, attempt to purchase, possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor is a  misdemeanor.


Learn2Serve Alcohol Education Online CE Renewal TABC

Only $19.99!
TABC Seller/ Server (4 hours)
+ Texas Food Handler course

This course is focused on the issues surrounding responsible practices in selling and serving alcoholic beverages.

Print Your Certificate Immediately After Completion of Course 

Only $12.50
Texas Food Handler's Safety (2 hours)

This course is recommended for all food industry employees; teaching employees safe food handling practices at their food establishment. 
Print Your Certificate Immediately(Information on County Required Testing provided in course) 

Only $99
Certificación En Linea Para la Seguridad Alimentaria de Texas
en Espanol
Imprimir tu certificado inmediatamente (la información sobre condado requirió la prueba proporcionada en curso)

Food Safety Manager Training

Food Safety Manager Certification + Exam $99

Texas Department of State Health Services approved Food Protection Management Examination

TABC Certification Video
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