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Classroom Online is the nation’s leading provider of online pre-licensing, designation, continuing education and exam preparation coursework. All courses have been approved by the various state departments of insurance around the country and designed to be user friendly to allow you to take courses in the shortest time possible.

Get a Texas Insurance Adjuster License Online

Get online training fast for claims adjusting

Reciprocity in 16 states!

The Texas All Lines Insurance Adjuster license is considered the most valuable adjuster license in the U.S.  16 states recognize this license via reciprocity allowing an adjuster to enjoy a nearly nationwide area of operation as long as any specific state regulations are also met. This broad license makes an adjuster much more valuable.  

The Texas Adjuster License is valid for persons living in the following states: 
Texas                      Maryland                Pennsylvania      
Colorado                 Missouri                  South Dakota
Illinois                      New Jersey            North Dakota
Iowa                        Nebraska                Tennessee
Kansas                    Ohio                        Virginia


The Texas Adjuster course will prepare individuals for the Texas Insurance Adjuster exam which is administered at the end of the course. The course covers all foundational concepts related to
 P & C insurance adjusting, plus the very important Texas specific insurance laws and regulations provided by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) in relation to property and casualty insurance adjusting.      

Help is available 24/7 by phone.  Technical support inquiries are handled immediately.


The course will be accessible around the clock 24/7 with technical support available. 


The course will be available to the student for a period of 90 days from time of registration.


Testing will consist of lesson quizzes and one final examination. 
You will need to pass the examination with a 70% in order to receive your Texas Adjuster License. 
The certificate of completion will be immediately available upon completion of the course.  

Upon  completion of this course you will need to submit your certificate along with a fingerprint card, Adjuster License application and the $50 (fifty dollar) fee to the Texas Department of Insurance. Once this is submitted TDI will process the approval and mail the Adjuster License to you. 


  • Standard Fire Policy 

  • Auto Liability & Texas PAP 

  • Personal Lines Coverage with ISO & TX Forms HO-A, HO-B, and HO-C 

  • Commercial Lines Coverage 

  • Inland Marine 

  • Ocean Marine 

  • Additional Coverages, Exclusions, and Extensions 

  • Bonds 

  • Insurance Terms and Related Concepts 

  • Licensing Requirements (TX) 

  • Marketing Practices (TX) 

  • Adjuster Practices, Responsibilities, and Duties (TX) 

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  • LESSON 1: Insurance Basics 

  • LESSON 2: Adjusting Losses 

  • LESSON 3: Homeowners & Dwelling Policies

  • LESSON 4: Personal & Business (Commercial) Automobile Insurance 

  • LESSON 5: Commercial Lines Coverage 

  • LESSON 6: Workers' Compensation 

  • LESSON 7: Other Coverages

  • LESSON 8: Texas Statutes & Rules Common to Property & Casualty Insurance

  • LESSON 9: Adjuster Practices, Responsibilities & Duties

  • LESSON 10: Coverage for Homeowners, Automobile & Workers' Compensation 

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You will need to mail your Certificate of Completion along with your Fingerprint receipt, TDI Adjuster Application and the $50 fee to TDI. Fingerprints are now submitted electronically to TDI & appointments for fingerprint services at a Prometric location can be made with Integrated Biometric Technology at 888-467-2080 or online at The license application and address for TDI can be found on the website at: This course is approved as a substitute for the Texas Adjuster Exam. If completion of this course & exam are successful, you will be exempt from taking the exam through the Texas Department of Insurance.


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