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Online Texas real estate license courses - Our TX real estate online courses offer new salespersons real estate classes, license exam prep,  TX Appraiser Licensing and Certification with a 100% money back guarantee.  Also offered are courses and information to help you obtain a real estate brokers license in Texas or get an inspector license.   We offer guidelines for finding the Texas Real Estate Commission requirements for getting a realtor's license and for MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education).  There are three course formats from which to choose when registering for our courses; online, PDF and correspondence.  For help in registering for one of our courses, call our enrollment specialists at 877.207.0353.


"24 hour MCE Rule"

As of Sept 1, 2007, a licensee who takes an online MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) course will not be allowed to complete an online course in less than 24 hours. If a licensee has paid their renewal fee and begins an online MCE course for renewal purposes on the day their license expires, credit will not be awarded for completing the course on that day (regardless of how many hours credit the course is). If this occurs, the licensee's MCE will be considered late and a $200 Late MCE penalty fee will be assessed.


If your renewal is filed on or after January 1, 2008, you are required by law to have your fingerprints on file with the Department of Public Safety for TREC.


Where to Get Your Fingerprints Taken

Integrated Biometric Technologies (IBT) is the vendor that handles the collecting and submitting of fingerprints to the FBI via the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). IBT gathers the fingerprints and takes a photograph. To have your fingerprints taken by IBT requires an appointment.

Note that you must first obtain a FAST Print Pass from TREC in order to make an appointment with IBT. IBT has locations all over Texas.

SAE Requirements 

** 60 HOURS for 1St RENEWAL

A salesperson who files an application on or after January 1, 2006 will be required to have a total of *270 classroom hours by the end of their 1St year of licensure. Once the 270 hours are completed they will have satisfied the SAE requirements and will fall under Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) requirements. **60 hour SAE courses are only available through Correspondence at this time. (Quicker completion)

*The 270 classroom hours are composed of the following: 210 hours for pre-licensure requirements - including 60 hours in Principles of Real Estate; 30 hours of Law of Agency; 30 hours in Law of Contracts; 30 additional core hours; and 60 related or core hours. By the end of the 1St year a sales agent must complete an additional 60 hours (SAE) in core real estate classes for sales annual education


As of January 1, 2012 an applicant for a broker license will need to have four years of “active experience”...and... 

December 22, 2011  

The Texas Real estate Commission adopted rules that change the requirements to obtain  a  real estate broker license in the state of Texas. 

The Commission approved these changes to strengthen the qualifications for becoming a broker in the state of Texas. In the past, in addition to certain education and examination requirements, two years of “active” status as a sales agent were needed to qualify for a broker license, regardless of whether the sales agent had gained any actual experience during the two year period. 

A point system will be used to quantify active experience in real estate transactions. Broker applicants will be required to document that they have obtained at least 3,600 points of active experience with evidence of specific transactions and a verification statement from the applicant’s sponsoring broker at the time the experience was earned .A complete explanation of the point system can be found on the TREC Commission website. 


  Online Texas real estate license courses - 
Our TX real estate school offers real estate classes, license exam prep,  TX  Licensing and Certification with a 
100% money back guarantee. Our TX real estate school offers real estate classes, license exam prep,  TX Realtor Licensing and Certification   Obtaining a real estate brokers license in texas, requirements, getting a inspector license, TREC license act, Texas Real Estate Commission requirements, sales agent licenses,

180 Hour Texas License Package

Principles I Online
Principles II Online
Law of Agency Online
Law of Contracts Online
Promulgated Contracts Online
Real Estate Finance Online

Texas SAE 
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15 Hours of Texas Real Estate MCE Classes for $79!

Fingerprint Requirements (and FAST Print Pass)

A recently enacted law (HB 1530, 80th Legislature, regular session) requires any person applying for or renewing a broker or salesperson license on or after January 1, 2008 to provide their fingerprints, in a specified format, in order to enable an FBI criminal background check to be performed.

These new fingerprint requirements apply only to brokers and salespersons. They do not apply to other TREC licensees, such as inspectors. Once fingerprints are on file with DPS, a licensee will not need to be fingerprinted for subsequent renewals. 

Visit TREC's web site for details:  https:www.trec.state.tx.us
Education Requirement in Texas
The following education is required for a salesperson license : 

Principles of Real Estate [60 classroom hours] 
Law of Agency (30 classroom hours) 
Law of Contracts (30 classroom hours) 
Promulgated Contracts Forms (30 classroom hours) 
Real Estate Finance (30 classroom hours). (Related course credit may no longer be used to meet education requirements for a salespersons license). 

Effective 09/1/2010 a pre-application education evaluation is no longer available prior to submitting an application. Real estate applicants are no longer required to submit an education evaluation request and receive a notice from the commission that the education requirements have been satisfied prior to submitting an application for a license. The education evaluation request form is eliminated and education course completion documents must be submitted when the application is filed.

NEW TREC-Approved